Upcoming conference on ancient associations

The announcement of a conference on ancient private associations to be held at the Danish Institute at Athens next month will certainly be of interest to those who study Hellenistic religion. It is organized by The Copenhagen Associations Project.

A World of Well-Ordered Societies? The Rules and Regulations of Ancient Associations

The Danish Institute at Athens, 22-23 May 2014.

This conference is devoted to a principal aspect of the organisation of ancient private associations: the set or sets of rules through which they regulated themselves as organisations and determined the activities of their membership. The aim of the conference is twofold: (a) to shed light on every possible facet of the rules of associations; and (b) to interpret the functional significance of these rules both instrumentally (i.e. as tools of group governance) and sociologically (i.e. their impact internally within the group as well as externally in the wider societal and cultural space).

For further detail and the program, see their webpage.

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