CFP: Building a New World Order: Hellenistic Monarchies in the Ancient Mediterranean World

This call for paper will be of interest to all students of Hellenistic ruler cults.

Building a New World Order: Hellenistic Monarchies in the Ancient Mediterranean World

The department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Penn State invites contributions for the Tombros conference on Hellenistic monarchies that will take place on April 24-25, 2015. This academic event will explore the socio-political and cultural landscape of the Hellenistic states with a
particular focus on the interactions between old and new, between the new elites and the established political and socio-economic structures. How did Hellenistic rulers respond to pre-existing structures and institutions? How did indigenous populations cope and interact with their new leadership? How
did these political and social shifts affect the economy of the ancient Mediterranean world? How did art serve, resist, or comment on the new status quo?

Confirmed speakers include Prof. S.M. Burstein (Professor Emeritus, Department of History, California State University), Prof. A. Erskine (Professor of Ancient History, University of Edinburgh), Prof. J.G. Manning (William K. and Marilyn M. Simpson Professor of Classics and History, Yale University; Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School), and Prof. R. Strootman (Associate Professor of Ancient History, University of Utrecht).

We invite 30-min. papers pertaining to all areas of the Hellenistic Mediterranean (Greece, Ptolemaic Egypt, the Seleucid Near East, etc.) in all pertinent disciplines (History, Archaeology, Art History, Classics, etc.).

Please send an abstract of ca. 400 words (including bibliography) to by October 3, 2014. Walter de Gruyter has shown strong interest in publishing the proceedings of this conference. If you
have any questions, contact Mark Munn ( or Zoe Stamatopoulou (

This academic event is generously sponsored by Peter and Ann Tombros, as well as the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State.


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