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New Publication: Archéologie et religion : le sanctuaire dionysiaque de S. Abbondio à Pompéi

New publication concerning the archaeological campaign held in 2008 at the Dionysiac sanctuary of Sant’Abbonio in Pompei

Mélange de l’Ecole française de Rome – Antiquité, 215.1

Index; English/French abstracts; full html texts; good quality pictures; final bibliography available at the following link:

Abstract of the introduction by W. Van Andringa

An archaeological campaign was carried out in the temple of S. Abbondio at Pompeii in 2008. As well as the methodological aspect, which concerned the interdisciplinary approach of a cult place dedicated to Loufir-Dionysos, the aim was to try to describe the phases and the history of this well-known sanctuary at Pompeii. One question was the dating of the Doric temple located on a small hill, today eroded away, overlooking the Sarno valley. The data collected seem to show that the hill had been occupied during the Bronze Age and in the Archaic period, but there is at the moment no evidence of an earlier cult place. The construction of the temple took place in the middle of the third century BC. Another important element is the dating of the ramp and the inscribed altar, which would be later than the temple. There is, however, no trace of a thiasos before the Imperial period. The study is completed by an analysis of the archaeological material discovered in the ancient and new excavations: inscriptions, reliefs of the pediment, pottery, animal bones and plant remains.